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Realistic Cell Phone Stun Gun - 12 Milion Volts & 4.9 Milliamps

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The ST-CELLSTUN has a sleek realistic deign and packs a lot of power. Possessing the same technology as stun guns used for law enforcement and...

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The ST-CELLSTUN has a sleek realistic deign and packs a lot of power. Possessing the same technology as stun guns use for law enforcement and in the military, it can deliver an immobilizing 12 million volt, 4.9milliamp current into an attacker's body that will leave him paralyzed in pain while you are able safely escape and seek help.

Next to electric shock power, the most important feature of  stun gun is portability. Sense the ST-CELLSTUN looks just like a popular cell phone model, it can be carried just about anywhere and will be unnoticeable as a self-defense weapon. This feature gives you the element of surprise and allows you to catch an attacker off guard. Just one touch anywhere on his body is all you need make an attacker collapse helplessly at your feet regardless of his size or strength.

You need protection at all times because criminals can strike at anytime and typically when you least expect it. With the ST-CELLSTUN you will be ready defend yourself. The concealability of the ST-CELLSTUN gives it a distinct advantage over other types of weapon such as guns or pepper sprays that are usually brandished before use. When brandishing a weapon as a threat there a generally two possible outcomes. The attacker may decide to back down and give up which is very good. On the other hand, he may become more aggressive and attempt to neutralize  neutralize your weapon. Of course the is not what you want. With the ST-CELLSTUN, this uncertainty is eliminated because the attacker will never recognize it as a weapon. Once he gets to close to you and you touch him with it, he will go down.

The ST-CELLSTUN does not require any special training. It looks and feels just like a cell phone so you will be comfortable carrying it. To use it all you have to do press it against and attackers body and press a button. Self-defense can not get any easier that than that.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1) How does the ST-CELLSTUN work?

It utilizes and high voltage low amperage electrical current to overwhelm an attacker's central nervous system thereby preventing the brain from transmitting signals to the muscles. This results in temporary paralysis.

You only need to touch the device against the attacker's body  to cause his legs to give out within 1 to 2 seconds. Holding the device against his body for a longer period of time can incapacitate him for up to 30 minutes.

The device can be applied up to 50 times without recharge. No extensive trading or target practice is required.

2) How powerful is the ST-CELLSTUN?

The ST-CELLSTUN can drop an attacker with one touch and release of the 12 million volt and 4.9 milliamp electrical current. The stopping power comes mostly from the amperage and 4.9 milliamps is at the very top of the range for high power stun devices.

3) Will the ST-CELLSTUN be effective against thick clothing or a coat?

Yes. With 12 million volts and 4.9 milliapms, the ST-CELLSTUN will penetrate thick coats and leather jackets.

4) Is the ST-CELLSTUN legal to own where I live.

Stun guns are legal in 45 states without licensing requirements. However local laws vary within each State and county.

5)  Is the ST-CELLSTUN better than pepper spray?

Pepper sprays have some disadvantages. They can lose pressure overtime and possibly not be at peak effectiveness when you need to use it. You need to aim the device carefully to get a direct shot to the eyes and mucous membranes of the nose and mouth. The effectiveness of pepper spray can be severely limited if the attacker is wearing glasses, blocks the spray with his hands or turns his head. When used outdoors, the wind could blow the spray back to you or on to innocent bystanders.

6) Is the ST-CELLSTUN better than a Taser® ?

A Taser®  is readily recognizable as a weapon and therefore can cause an attacker to react more aggressively according to police reports on violent crime compiled from across the nation.A Taser®  requires careful aim. If you shoot and miss without having a backup self-defense plan you will be serious danger. Developing accurate aim takes a lot of practice.

7) Is the ST-CELLSTUN better than a gun?

Guns are considered to be the ultimate self-defense weapon for good reason. A person thoroughly trained in the use of a gun has an absolute advantage in a violent confrontation.

The main problem with a gun is that it cannot be taken everywhere. Guns are not option for some people because they are fearful of them and lack the mental capacity to deal with the possibility of killing someone. A gun requires training and commitment that many people are not willing expend.A gun in the hands of someone who is not committed to using it can be taken away. This sometimes happens to police!

8) Will shock from the ST-CELLSTUN go through an attacker's body into mine if he grabs me?

No. The electrical current will not be transferred from the attackers body into yours no matter how tightly he my grab you.

9) Is the ST-CELLSTUN safe around children?

The ST-CELLSTUN should not be accessible by children. The device has a power switch on the bottom away from the firing button to minimize the possibility of accidental discharge.

10 ) Can the ST-CELLSTUN be carried on a plane?

Stun guns including the ST-CELLSTUN cannot be carried into the cabin of an airplane. However the TSA does allow them in checked luggage. Do not attempt to carry a stun gun onto the plane in carry-on luggage.

11) Can the ST-CELLSTUN make phone calls?

No. The device designed resemble a phone for the purpose of concealment. It is a self-defense device and can not be used as a phone.

12) What are the dimensions of ST-CELLSTUN

Measures 5 ½” x 2 ¾” with a thickness of just a half of an inch.  

13) Does the ST-CELLSTUN come with any accessories?

Yes.  The unit includes a wall charger and a protective carrying case.  It also has an integrated powerful 80 lumen flash light light that is perfect for navigating potentially perilous pathways in the dark.

12) Is the ST-CELLSTUN backed by a guarantee?

Yes. The device is backed by a 90 day money back guarantee.

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